Fresh Baked Bread


Our bread flour is milled the day we bake with it to give our breads a wonderfully fresh flavor unlike any bread you will find.   Consider a cup of coffee with freshly milled coffee beans, and you can imagine the intensity of flavor for our breads.   We offer several varieties of bread, milled using grain harvested from our farm. Below you will find a listing of our current selections along with a description and price. If you would like to place an order, please complete the order form which can be emailed to us at


Rustic Italian- Light, almost white bread made with soft white spring wheat and a hint of olive oil and sea salt topped with sesame seeds.

Sundried Tomato- Rustic Italian bread with sundried tomatoes mixed in the dough- vegan.

Challah-This Jewish Sabbath bread is made with eggs and honey from the farm, topped with poppy seeds and formed into a braid for tearing, slicing and sharing.

Whole Wheat- Made with hard red winter wheat, this hearty bread is a favorite among our most loyal customers, topped with sesame and flax seed.

Muesli- A fun combination of sprouted red wheat, dried black currants, crasins, sunflower and pumpkin seeds mixed in our vegan whole wheat dough.   Vegan.

Spelt- Ancient grain from Egypt spelt is a wheat variety that is much lighter than our red wheat.   Low on glycemic index and gluten content, topped with spelt flakes.

Multigrain- White wheat, red wheat, spelt, barley, rye, oats and flax mixed in a hearty, whole grain bread.   Topped with multi grain flakes.

Chocolate Chip- Why not?   Spelt bread laced with chocolate chips and swirled chocolate make a great PB&J or French toast!

Sourdough Rye– Our sourdough starter came from sauerkraut juice from our own cabbages and is only ever fed our very own freshly milled organic rye flour. Vegan.

Pumpernickle- Bursting with a party of flavors in your mouth, our pumpernickel is a very dark rye complete with freshly milled caraway seeds. Vegan.

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