Harvest Dinner

stewed chicken


Sunday October 23rd


Goodness Grows Back Yard Barbeque


We will be serving up the last of the goodness on Sunday for all of our loyal CSA members to partake.

On the Menu:

Beet Salad

Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Hash

Barbeque Chicken

Pork Sloppy Joes

Home made rolls

If you have not put in your volunteer hours, than yes you can help!   We will be starting our dinner around 12.   If you would like to bring a dish, please do.   We will provide tea, kombucha, water, coffee, plates, flat ware and napkins.   Not yet CSA members are $20.00 donation.

We hope to see everyone there!


3 thoughts on “Harvest Dinner

  1. Hi Dawn, I can’t make it. My family is getting together and we haven’t gotten together since Father’s Day.

    Looks really yummy!!! Have fun.


  2. I’m so sorry we were not able to make it or help! We also had a little family gathering Sunday evening! We hope you guys had a wonderful time!

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