Lots of love and veggies!

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed after a nice vacation, but I made it home and I’m back to the grind! I didn’t have time to get a good photo of our bounty today, and there is still more to reap tomorrow, but I have a list to share it with all.

This week will bring us a small amount of Fava Beans, Black Currants, Gooseberries, Tomatoes, Okra, Cucumbers, Snap Peas, Purslane, Sweet  Grilling Peppers, Jalepeno Peppers and a collection of herbs for the culinary artists.

I will have large amounts and will expect everyone in our CSA to select at least one from the main crops of cabbage, cauliflower and snow peas.

We also have some wonderful summer lettuce, onions, kale and swiss chard.   If you don’t feel the culinary bug you can always take home some of our delicious locally grown freshly milled breads or flowers to cheer up the home or office!   We are glad to be back from vacation, and look forward to seeing everyone this week!




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