U Pick CSA week June 26-July 2

U Pick CSAGreetings peeps!   I have been one very busy lady lately,  I am finally getting to the nitty gritty on our U Pick week.   Last year we began a wonderful tradition of opening up the farm to all CSA members for a U Pick week.

As many of you may know that last year we saw our oldest son Caleb graduate from Navy boot camp in Chicago.   Instead of cancelling CSA’s and having a bunch of beautiful produce go to waste in the gardens, we opened up the farm for a U Pick week, and people came out by the droves for unlimited CSA fun!

This year our family has the opportunity to see The New England Coast and on up to Nova Scotia.   This all expense paid trip of a lifetime is too good to pass up, and since everyone enjoyed the u pick week last year, we are doing it again this year.

You can check in with Alex our trusty farm apprentice while we are gone.   He will have maps of the farm to find what you are looking for.   You may pick as much as you think you will use, but please don’t be wasteful because others will want to pick too.   We have much more for everyone here than we did last year, and we had no shortage of produce last year.

We will have a lively variety of produce ready for picking this week including:

Peas- Sugar Snap and Snow Peas






Summer Squash




Ground Cherries

Black Currants






Napa Cabbage

So there is plenty to fill a basket for you and your families in the coming week.   Make sure to put it on the calendar!

I will leave you with a great recipe that is sweet, simple and sure to please!

Minty Peas and Onions

2 green onions chopped 2 cups peas 1/3 cup fresh mint chopped 1 t salt 1/2 t pepper 2 T sugar 2 T apple cider vinegar Mix ingredients and serve fresh and raw…. super easy!

Enjoy your time at the farm and know that we will be thinking of you all while we are gone!

Peas until then:)


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