CSA Season Begins!!!

U Pick CSA

Hello all!   Our first CSA pick-ups are just around the corner and have we a delightful line up of delicious organic goodness in store for you!

First, I would like to start off welcoming our new addition to the CSA family…our U Pick CSA members.   Many of our U Pick CSA members are from seasons’ past.   They are simply participating in our newest offer of U Pick which is a bargain!   It gives our members a greatly discounted price, and helps out the farm with work load by allowing our members to pick, wash and pack there own products.   As always, additional items for purchase can be obtained in our farm shoppe like honey, breads and baked goods, eggs and other items.

Our U Pick Orientation is on Saturday, May 21st from 4- 6pm at the farm.   During orientation, we will go over a map of the farm detailing where items are planted, how to harvest, and where to check out.   There is no charge for the items you pick, as you have already paid for them.   We do need to weigh the items for our organic certification records.

Bedford CSA will begin on Wednesday May 24

Cumberland will begin on Thursday May 25

Frostburg will begin on Friday May 26

Everett will begin on Saturday June 4 and continue a week later than all of the others since we start a week after everyone else.

What we have to offer are the following items:

Bread and baked goods


Lettuce and salad greens










Swiss Chard




Plant Based Insect Repellant

Maybe a few strawberries, they are showing promise!


Please try to get there early for the best selection.   If you think you may be coming later in the day EMAIL ME so I know to save anything you ask for!



2 thoughts on “CSA Season Begins!!!

  1. If we are picking up there…. when is the best time to come? thanks, Melissa Lopez

    • The best time to come is after 3 pm, that is when we are wrapping everything up to go! Of course, if you want to come at a different time, we are around the farm all day long. Just email, text or call and we’ll be happy to assist you! Thanks so much Melissa!

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