U Pick CSA


Can’t wait to get my hands on Goodness Grows’ U Pick CSA! 

We offer the area’s only 100% certified organic CSA from May – October and now we will offer the area’s only U Pick CSA.  With the additional option of renting our commercial kitchen, you can get the most from the farm on your own time, and at a great price! Pay one price of $250.00 for the season to come to the farm and pick your own produce.   For preserving, we are offering a kitchen rental at a great price to get all your preserving done quickly on our highly efficient, state of the art commercial equipment.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) agreements are a unique relationship between farmer and consumer.  CSA members pledge their support to a farm, through financial contribution and volunteer efforts, and receive weekly produce in return. As a shareholder, you become a contributor and partial owner of the farm’s harvest.

The cost for a U-Pick share is $250.00. For your contribution, you will have access to the farm’s gardens with lots of great fruit and veggies.  Upon completion of the Farm Kitchen Orientation, farm kitchen rental will be available at $20.00 per hour and will include the use of all kitchen appliances and accessories.    Food supplies, jars, and containers are the responsibility of the shareholder.

Coming to the farm offers a great value in that you can pick and choose exactly what you get.  Of course we will still offer additional purchases of breads and baked goods along with our other wonderful farm products at our Farm Shop.

Goodness Grows

5360 Bedford Valley Rd.

Bedford, PA 15522

CSA New Member Survey 2016

Terms of Share 

CSA Sign Up Sheet

You may also email your documents to goodgrows@gmail.com and I will contact you to make payment arrangements that best suit your needs.


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