Mountain City Traditional Arts

Flambe Lettuce
Flambe Lettuce

I will be baking my tail off this tomorrow for our winter market at Mountain City Traditional Arts on Saturday from 10 am- 1 pm in Frostburg, MD.

Check out our beautiful Carrots, Beets, Pak Choy, Lettuce, Daikon Radishes, Napa Cabbage, Collard greens, Long Neck Pumpkins, Arugula, Kale, Tatsoi and so much more to make your veggie drawer full for a little while.  Or to make a lovely fresh picked salad like this one…


Yeah, I will have a few last tomatoes too!

Also if ever you have seen our gorgeous evergreen wreaths…1452420_698344383523972_274736137_n

We’ll have a few of those too.

I will bring along some of our luxurious goat’s milk soap and honey from our bees to your table.   See you there!



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