How to get the good stuff.

Our peas have been blooming since last week so we may start picking a few soon.   Also, our onions that we planted in plastic are ready to pick.

About the plastic- this is very new to us this year.   We started planting in plastic mulch as an experiment this season.   I am not crazy about the plastic being on our ground.   However, just very recently a new ground cover mulch made from recycled newspaper has been approved for use n organic farms.   This is very exciting because the results of the plastic mulch have been remarkable.   Our onions in mulch are five times the size of the onions planted in plain ground, and we had no hand weeding at all with the ground cover.   So it looks like this will be a new method for many of our crops to come.   Only we will be using the biodegradable mulch instead of plastic.

I have had many CSA members ask how to get items saved back for them.   We had small amounts of strawberries, and asparagus namely that I know some members missed.   We will still be picking many more strawberries, and maybe a few asparagus stalks too.

We had a couple of families come to volunteer on the farm this weekend, and they took home some strawberries and asparagus, along with some more lettuce (great salad eaters!)

Getting to the markets early will certainly increase your chances of having the very best to chose from!

If you can’t make it to the market early or come to the farm, then email me and I will do my very best to save it for you.


Now for what we will have this week-






Fresh baked breads

Lamb’s Quarter


See you this week!





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