Whatcha gonna do with all that kale?

Kale and Broccoli
Kale and Broccoli


Oh yeah, bring on the kale!   I get a kick out of people talking about CSA and all the greens in the spring.   This is something we haven’t done before, but this year we do have so many greens ready, so everyone is getting their annual dose of kale this week.   Ok, maybe not the whole year’s worth in one week, but it really seems like we have a lot to share this week.   Now what to do with it…..


Sauteed Kale

16-24 oz of kale

2 T olive oil

2 cloves garlic minced

1/2 cup vegetable stock

sea salt to taste

Heat Olive oil in a large skillet and add the garlic.   When the garlic begins to impart it’s aroma add the kale and stock and sautee for 10-15 minutes over medium heat.

There are many variations to compliment this dish.   Just the other night I added soy sauce, a couple of eggs and ramen noodles to this dish.   It was so delicious!   I think you could also add some chicken breast strips, or bacon and red wine vinegar to make it more interesting.


Did you know you can freeze kale too?

Just lightly saute the leaves just until they wilt.   This will help them to fit in a freezer bag better.  Make sure you get all of the air out that you can before it goes in the freezer.    You can add the frozen kale to smoothies, or I like to add it to soups in the winter to give us some great green nutrients when we need it most:)


Any juicers out there?

Kale is super nutrient dense, and makes a wonderful juice for those that have juicers.


If you have any kale recipes, feel free to share them in the comments section!

Everyone is getting Garlic this week too, along with green leaf lettuce, red leaf lettuce and 2 choices from the table and CSA exclusive cooler for our 1/2 shares, 4 for our regular and 6 for our large.





4 thoughts on “Whatcha gonna do with all that kale?

  1. This week, so far, we’ve used kale in kale and pepperoni omelets and we mixed a couple shredded handfuls into pork and bean soup 🙂 it was delicious both times!

  2. The recipes, haha, are actually this:

    Pork and Beans
    1 lb dry great northern beans
    Ham bone with some meat OR bones with some meat trimmed off of pork chops
    2-4 cups hand-torn Kale

    Put beans, bones, and water to cover in a crockpot on low. Add 2 tsps of kosher salt. Check in four hours, add more water if necessary (or fill generously to begin with). Cook for a total of 8-10 hours. Add Kale about thirty minutes before serving.

    Pepperoni and Kale omelets

    Chop up Kale, onions, pepperoni and other veggies to preference. Sauté in olive oil over medium high heat until starting to wilt. Pour two to eight beaten eggs overtop veggies, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and cook until eggs done. Can be topped with fresh grated Parmesan or Asiago cheese.

  3. I love the mean green juice…5-6 kale leaves, 1 cucumber, 1 lemon and 2 apples… Juice it all up and you’re set… For those not into the taste of kale, add some more apples and you won’t taste it at all. 🙂

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