Squash Blossoms and Goat’s Milk Soap–A Few of the Items to Expect in Your CSA Bags This Week

This week, we will have some great items for our Winter CSA shareholders for December!

We have…

-Black raspberry water kefir: This has been made from black raspberries that we harvested last summer, and we canned the juice just for this very purpose. I’m including a link with more information about water kefir and recipes for water kefir “soda.”

-Baby squash and squash blossoms: The blossoms are just big enough to stuff with cheese or seafood (as examples), and the baby squash will make a vibrant addition to stir-fries, etc. If you’ve never worked with squash blossoms before, check out the provided link for five ways to use/eat them. You won’t be disappointed!

(Some of last year’s blossoms.)


-1 hearth loaf of our homemade rye bread: We use rye that we harvested ourselves. This bread is wonderfully chewy and isn’t overly strong in taste. Many who have tried it have commented that, if they normally do not prefer rye bread, that they like ours because it doesn’t have an overpowering flavor.

-1 bar of our luxurious goat’s milk soaps: Your skin will feel so good after using our hand-crafted soap! 


Happy holidays to all of our customers, followers, fans, friends, and family!



3 thoughts on “Squash Blossoms and Goat’s Milk Soap–A Few of the Items to Expect in Your CSA Bags This Week

    • Tammy,

      These items are relatively new to our area. I’m not sure many people understand the quality of what we are offering, but it is fun to introduce new things to our members, none the less. So glad you know about the good things in life!

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