December is for baking- and bacon!

Why is it that we bake cookies and cook bacon?   Maybe I’m over thinking this week’s CSA, but it’s true.   We will be giving out 1 pound of Rob’s own delight and one dozen eggs.   We will also be getting a large loaf of our wonderful whole wheat bread!


For our vegetarian friends we still have greens, scallions and fresh herbs for you to enjoy.


Our eggs are from free range chickens, even now that the snow is flying.   Our hens are particularly fond of weed seed heads this time of year.   I also see them scratching in the yard frequently, so they must be finding something.   When they are in at night, it’s all about our homegrown grains that Rob grew especially for them.   We don’t get nearly as many eggs as when it is warm out, but we do have enough for everyone this week to get a dozen.


Our eggs are delightful to bake with!   I also enjoy making french toast with our bread by soaking sliced bread in beaten eggs and lightly browning the slices in a skillet.   Tis the season for eggnog too, oh so,so many things to do with our eggs!

Here is a link to an eggnog recipe that is easy and can be made kid friendly by omitting the alcohol-






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