Nothin’ Says Luvin’ Like Bread From The Oven

Nothin says luvin like bread from the oven!
Nothin says luvin like bread from the oven!

I have been baking my heart out and loving every minute of it!   I have some delicious pieces of art that I can share with everyone now….Here’s what I’ve got.



Rye oh Rye!  bread I developed having those with food allergies in mind.   This is a basic rye recipe with no wheat, milk or egg products.   I also keep this dough away from tree nuts and seeds.   Cost is $4.00 per loaf.

Honey Wheat  combines the aromatic sweetness of honey with our freshly ground whole wheat grown right here on the farm.   Hearth loaf  costs $4.00 and may be topped with poppy seeds, sesame seeds or flax seed.

Sprouted Wheat sour dough has all of the wonderful characteristics of the world’s best sourdoughs including a light texture, full bodied flavor and chewy thick crust.   Laced with sprouted wheat berries our loaves boast  added texture.   $5.00 per hearth loaf.

Triple rye sourdough-   Caution! This bread is highly addictive!    I make this bread with rye flour, rye berries and rye sprouts to create a rich, dark bread.   $5.00 per hearth loaf.

Baguettes for subs and sandwiches $5.00

Sourdough Baguettes $6.00.


All of my bread is made with freshly milled, organic flour that was grown right here on our farm.   Because we mill our flour on demand, our breads have a distinct fresh ground flavor you will find nowhere else.   Thank You for looking!


5 thoughts on “Nothin’ Says Luvin’ Like Bread From The Oven

  1. I’ll be driving past tomorrow (Friday). Will you have some sprouted wheat available? Also – do you have any wheat berries for sale?

    Pat Macchiarolo

  2. I would love to try a sprouted wheat loaf. are you still at Tristate Arts sometimes? We are there Tues eve. and Wed. at 4.Could connect there? Tracy B.

    • I am at Tristate on Tuesday at 5:30. I will be scouting a place for Cumberland this evening. If I find a location, I’ll be sure to post about it, and have fresh bread at least twice a week there.

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