Mark it on your Calenders!!!

3rd Annual Harvest Celebration

Saturday, October 12th 4pm-8pm

At Goodness Grows’ Farm

Pig Roast- Plus

Lots of Garden Grown Goodies Prepared for you Right Here!!!!

Don’t miss your chance to receive lots of goodies and get to meet other CSA members, and have a great time here on the farm as we will be saying adieu until next spring.   Mark it on your calenders and be sure to make it out:)

It looks like this week will be our last distribution until our harvest dinner, but until then we have a great line up for you this week!

Boo with pumpkins

This is Boo, our veteran porch kitty, I thought he looked very appropriate in this pic, I couldn’t help but to post it.   We are still getting pumpkins for all this week.   We are harvesting Musque du Provence, some report that this is the world’s most flavorful pumpkin for fresh eating and  making wonderful soups and pies!



Some other items we’ll be getting are:

Butternut Squash


Sweet Potatoes

Anything left in the gardens that hasn’t been hit with frost!!!

Yes we did get a frost this morning.   I walked out around 6:30 this morning and saw ice on our cars and roof tops-  ’tis the season.   We still have a very busy few weeks ahead of us.   We have a USDA technical assistant coming on October 2 to make sure we have as much paperwork as plants- yeah it’s all about the papers- for our organic certifications.   We also need to clean up our gardens and put to rest the beds that have been providing for us this year.   I’ll be growing in the greenhouse all sorts of goodies this fall and winter, and I’m really exciting about trying some new things out under plastic.   Stay Tuned!!!!


I am looking forward to normal work week hours, and catching up on a much needed to do list.   I might even get some rest later this winter.   But not for now, busy, busy, bizzzeee!



5 thoughts on “Mark it on your Calenders!!!

  1. Sorry we will be missing out on the Celebration. That is Autumn Glory in Deep Creek and we set up a booth and sell the entire weekend. Sorry we will miss all the goodies. Janet Miller

    On Tue, 24 Sep 2013 11:43:04 +0000

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