Fun on the Farm!

Community Farm Day

Saturday June 8th, 2013


I have had so many people ask me if they can help on the farm.   So many are saying they would like to learn more about gardening, and animals.   I know that the best way for me to learn is from experience, so here it is.   Rob and I are opening the farm to the public for hands on experience for the day.   Rob and I will be working side by side teaching our ways to anyone who wants to come to learn, and providing the opportunity for those that just desire some good dirt therapy.   This will be fun for all who are interested- food will be available, and community efforts will not go unrewarded!

Work is so much more fun in good company!
Work is so much more fun in good company!

The details:

First and foremost, this is totally volunteer, you are not required to attend.   This is an opportunity we are providing to those that truly desire to learn more about growing food in a sustainable way.

You may come and go as your schedule permits.   We start at 7:30 in the morning with milking the goats and morning barn chores.   We will finish around 8:30 in the evening after evening milking and barn chores.   We will be open for you to come out anytime during these hours.   Afterwards, we will have a campfire for roasting marshmallows and socializing.   You may stay as little or as long as you like.   You may also choose to work with the animals, plants or both during your day to get the best experience.

If you plan to be here for a meal, you are welcome to bring a covered dish, but it’s not required.   We will be picking anything that’s available in the gardens to prepare, and you may help with meal preparation if that’s what you fancy.   You may use the kitchen, and I have a good supply of “staple goods” to use like flour, rice, eggs, milk and the like.

Please bring a water bottle to stay hydrated during the day.   We will have iced tea and water available all day.

If you have any special favorite tools you like to use, bring them on.   It would be a good idea to label them with your name, so if you forget, they can be returned to you.   We have lots of our tools to use as well.

Sunscreen, hats, gloves, good shoes that cover your feet- take good care of yourself!

This is our first time for opening the farm to people in this way, so I’m really anxious to see how it goes.   I’m putting together some semblance of organization so it can go as smoothly as possible.   When you come out, go to the greenhouse to register.   If you have a particular interest, the person at registration will direct you to your path on the farm.   So much fun, see you next Saturday!



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