Worm Compost



We are using Silas’ worm castings to mix in our seed starting soil.   Silas has been raising composting worms for a year now, and he has quite the collection of red wigglers to show for it.

Last year, Levi and I did an experiment to see if worm castings improved the quality of the plants we were starting in the green house.   We experimented with sunflowers, because that is Levi’s favorite plant to grow.


We used 4 different mixes and preparations to start the sunflowers, and were happiest with the soil mix that included worm castings.   From that point forward, we have been using worm castings to start our seeds.   The top left corner are seedlings with worm castings in the soil.   Clockwise we have plain peat moss mixed with vermiculite, down from that is uncooked compost (note the weed issue, among other things)   and at the bottom left is plain sterilized compost without worm castings added.


What a difference worms make when you are trying to grow healthy plants for food!


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