Wreaths that make me say “Hello Winter”

It has been a while since I posted last.    A short break does the mind wonders sometimes.   I have been spending time knitting, making kiln fired ornaments, and helping out with wreath making.   The wreaths that we normally do are total mixes of all natural, fresh picked greens.   I like to throw in herbs such as artemesia, lavender, rosemary and thyme for fragrance and color.   Our american holly trees had a great year this year, and are loaded with beautiful plump red berries.



We use juniper for garland, just because it makes a nice, flexible and full band.   Also, we use “machines” to make the wreaths and garland.   The tools are not electric powered, and are rather primitive, but work fine for the amount that we make.   We are making 10′ garland and 10 and 16 inch wreaths.   We are taking orders for different sizes, but these are the most common.


While making the wreaths, we use several different tree varieties.   This makes our wreaths ornate, without the use of a bow.



But if bells and bows are more your style, then by all means:

Wreath with bow


I hope everyone has a wonder holiday season!


3 thoughts on “Wreaths that make me say “Hello Winter”

  1. Hi Dawn. We used to make LOTS of wreaths at my Dads Christmas tree farm. Yours are nicer though. We didn’t have berries, just evergreens. Hope you and your family are doing well.

    • I’ll bet you made so many more wreaths than we make. It really takes time gathering all the different greens that we use. At tree farms, you have the luxury of bottom boughs that would otherwise be discarded. What a great way to utilize everything on the farm! Good to hear from you again too:)

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