Week 21 & 22 in a nutshell!

Pumpkins and Butternut Squash

As we head into autumn, and our last couple of weeks of harvest, The butternuts and pumpkins are popping in contrast to the ground ans foliage around them.   We have enough to supply our last CSA delivery, and our farm to table dinner.   The winter squash will store well for many weeks if you don’t use it right away, so you can actually save it for your Thanksgiving dinner and use it for your favorite home made pie.


Apples and Carrots

We also saved enough apples and will be picking carrots this week for everyone.   The carrots are “Purple Haze” really colorful with slightly more vitamin A content than their orange counterparts.


Beets and Turnips

With the anticipated frost this week, the root veggies will become much sweeter, though I can’t promise keeping the greens with them.   We’ll get what we can for you.

Salad Blend

We have some salad greens (and reds) in the cold frame to pick for everyone, should be a nice salad for your last week of CSA and our dinner.

Anything else?

We will be cleaning out the gardens, but there really isn’t much left for the season.   If I come across anything left, I’ll be sure to share it.   Our Okra got hit by the first frost, as did the eggplant, and most of the tomatoes.   Our peppers were spared, we may send a few along.  The Lima beans are good for now, but I’m not so sure they will endure another frost, we’ll see:)


October 14 Farm to Table Dinner

If you haven’t already, mark your calendars for next Sunday at 5:00 for our final harvest.   We’ll be preparing lots of yummy food for your last distribution, and celebrating the end of the season.   We have a great menu to follow in my next post.   Look for it today!




2 thoughts on “Week 21 & 22 in a nutshell!

  1. Hi Dawn!

    Looking forward to my next two “full share” deliveries – and wanted to ask if you have any large pumpkins (like for jack o’ lanterns) or just the pie pumpkins. I will happily use pie pumpkins, but am planning to buy 3 or 4 large pumpkins (different varieties – white, bumpy, etc) for my front porch and thought if you had them, I’d buy them from you instead. If we don’t get another frost, I would love any lima beans that no one else wants … they are such a special treat as they are never sold in the stores either in the shells or shelled, unless they’re frozen. Not sure if you grew acorn squash, but if you did, but not enough for the CSA, I’d be happy to buy 3 or 4 of those as well. I like them as much as the butternut!

    I was away in Myrtle Beach this past week where the weather was in the low to mid-80’s , and didn’t even realize we’d had a frost here ! But did notice today some of my outdoor annuals are looking droopy – that’s probably why. Am guessing the lantana is history for this season.

    Given how efficient you are, may I assume that after the season is over in mid-October, you’ll be sending out a questionnaire asking for feedback? I’d love to offer my ideas on what I’d love to see in our bags next year!

    See you Thursday afternoon.


  2. Thank you and Rob and your family for all your hard work to feed us such great food and provide plants and growing advice. It was such a great thing to meet you all this year. Your efforts and heart and soul approach to growing and farming is a real breath of fresh air. It glorifies God and what we can do to take care of the planet and be good stewards of the land. I want to be a CSA next year and want to stay in touch. God bless you!

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