Week 14 Special Treat!!!!

Hand Made Tea

I almost forgot to tell you about our exciting “guest” CSA treat we are receiving this week!   Please allow me to Introduce to you Caleb Brown http://handmadetea.com/

Caleb and I met through a mutual friend last winter, and the discussion of tea ingredients bloomed into a wonderful trade!   Caleb is using some of our herbs in his blends, and I requested a mix for our share holders of herbs that came right from our farm.   Caleb is a fine tea artist!   He takes great care to mix his ingredients with absolute exquisite taste in mind.   He goes through great lengths to create an experience with his teas.    And he sources his ingredients from the best places on earth, and we are honored to be one of those sources.

I thought of our share holders as I was preparing our dried herbs.   I thought you all might enjoy yet another harvest in a different way.   Enjoy it!



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