Tim Proposes to Allison!

I am about to burst with sweetness overload!!!   Our farm now has a lasting memory to an amazing couple that we have had for the last week.   Meet Tim and Allison, two interns on Goodness Grows Farm.   Tim and Allison are from Wheeling West Virginia.   Allison is studying to be a nurse and Tim is going to Mortuary School.   They both have ambitions to live a more sustainable lifestyle and have come to our farm to learn about growing their own food.

Grillin’ on the farm!

Tim and Allison have been dating for 3 years and Tim decided to pop the question here.   We celebrated with a barbecue and a toast to their happy lives together.   They are currently house shopping, so if you know of anyone in the Wheeling area that has a reasonably priced home with land, let us know!   They will be great home owners!   They really rock the work out around here and help cook and clean on top of everything else we do.

Tim and Allison are planning a fall wedding in 2013.   They are such a great match, I know they will have a wonderful life together!   Congratulations!

A toast to seal the deal.

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