Week 8 We Know Our Beans!

Things are getting fairly interesting around here.   We have three eggplant ready to pick and about a dozen the size of my thumb.   The tomatoes are going slow as molasses, but one day I’m sure, we’ll have skads of them too.   The squash are blooming away and I have seen signs of teeny cucumbers on their vines.   As I walked around inspecting today, I found royal burgundy beans forming, so we’ll be picking them every 2-3 days for the next several weeks.   And you’ll be getting some this week.

Burgundy Beans Almondine

1-1/2 lbs of Burgundy Beans

2 T olive oil or butter

2T slivered almonds

1t lemon juice

Oh so very simple, boil the beans for about 2 minutes and drain.   Add the remaining ingredients and toss lightly until well mixed.   Serve Warm.

Ham Beans and Potatoes

1 ham hock

1-1/2 lbs beans

6-8 potatoes cubed

2 T fresh Thyme

salt and pepper to taste

Place hamhock in a pot and add water until hock is covered by 2 inches.  Add fresh thyme and potatoes and boil for 10 minutes.   Reduce heat to a simmer and add beans.   Simmer for 30 minutes.   Add salt and pepper to taste and serve.

Easy bean and potato skillet

4-6 potatoes sliced

2 oinions halved and sliced

1/2 lb of beans

2 T oil or butter

salt and pepper to taste

In a skillet melt or heat oil and add onions and potatoes.   Sautee for about 10 minutes or until onoins are clear and potatoes are cooked through.   Add beans and sautee for another 2 minutes. Season and serve.

What are we getting?

1. Royal Burgundy Beans

2. Potatoes

3. Swiss Chard

4. Onions

5. Swiss Chard

6. Thyme

7. Larkspur and Echinacea cut flowers

8. Fresh Goat’s Milk and Tomatillos for our vegans

Thanks everyone for returning the boxes and jars!   I can’t wait to see you this week.


2 thoughts on “Week 8 We Know Our Beans!

  1. Dawn

    We talked aliittle on items if you have extra. I am interested in green beans, tomatoes, grapes. Just let me know if you have extra of anything would be great.

    Thanks everthing is delious….

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