Family Farm Support Grows Strong!

I would like to introduce my cousins Jaime, Maveric, and Eric Moreland

Eric left a good job as executive chef for an even better job as an executive chef for Five Points Farm to Table Restaurant in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.   Eric understands the challenges he will face sourcing all of his ingredients locally.   What a great opportunity for the community to have fresh, locally sourced, professionally prepared food in their area.   Hats off to Eric and his family!   And if your in the Winston-Salem area, make sure to check them out.   For those of you who are close by, we have Horn O’ Plenty Freshtaurant here, our farm supplies them with a variety of ingredients, and they do a wonderful job at making it a meal.

Why eat local?

1.   It decreases you carbon foot print by less transporting of your food.

2.   Local produce contains more vital nutrients, some items that are grown far away aren’t picked at full maturity so the nutrients haven’t had time to develop in the     produce.

3. It supports the local economy, creating jobs for you and your neighbors, also generating revenue for your local community.

4. It just tastes better, being fully ripe when picked.

5. It creates biodiversity in the community because demand for specialty crops is increased.

6. Less chemicals are needed because the transportation is decreased.   This includes post harvest spraying of preservatives.

I am so happy that my cousin is joining the local food movement, I plan to check in with him this winter.


One thought on “Family Farm Support Grows Strong!

  1. Thank you Dawn, for showing us around the farm! You guys are doing such wonderful work. In a few years, we will send Mav up to help out 🙂 We hope to see you all down here in NC soon. xoxo.

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