Week 4 CSA

We’re Back

So refreshing to take a trip to the beach.   I must admit, I’m more of a fan of the mountains, but my boys had a blast.   It was a beautiful weekend and we got to spend quality family time together.   I got some extra rest too.   Now we’re back, and back to work.

Things are looking nice around here.   However, I haven’t made it to all of our gardens yet.   So our list will be a short version of things I have seen so far, with more to come from the back 2 acres.

1.    Strawberries

2.   Garlic- can you have too much?   Not in my kitchen at least.

3.   Onions

4.   Swiss Chard

5.   A real chance to taste goat’s milk- for those have have only heard bad stories, it’s really great when it’s fresh.

6.   Carrots

7.   Salad Blend



Again, I haven’t had the chance to take a good look at everything, but I know some things were close to ripe before we left.   I’ll keep you posted.   I did see some very exciting signs of Black Prince tomatoes coming on!   They are not ready yet, but soon we’ll be sharing those too.


Swiss Chard and Garbanzos

2 T olive oil

2 Green onions chopped

1 bunch Rainbow Swiss Chard

1/2 c Garbanzo beans drained

1 Tomato sliced

1T lemon Juice

Salt and Pepper to taste


Heat oil in a skillet and add chopped onions.   Saute for 3-5 minutes then add the garbanzo beans salt and pepper.   Add Swiss Chard and cook until wilted.   Add tomato slices and lemon juice and heat through and serve.



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