Rob Rescues Bees!!!

We received a call last weekend about bees that had colonized in the siding of a clients home.   OH JOY!!!!   Not for the homeowner, of course, but we have been considering getting bees again.   We haven’t had bees since we moved to the farm, and it just seems that the time is right.

Our very first date was at “Bee School.”   We had taken a class on raising honey bees at the Lavale Library in Maryland offered by the Allegheny Mountain Beekeeper’s Association.   I was thrilled to be asked to such an interesting venue.   It sure beats the ole dinner and a movie anyday.   And I learned so much during the class.

Back to the bees.   Our wonderful clients know that Rob can handle this kind of situation with courtesy to life and asked if he would remove the bees.   We just so happened to have a hive body ready to go in the barn, empty and waiting for a colony.   Rob got his gear ready and went this evening to recover the bees.


6 thoughts on “Rob Rescues Bees!!!

    • Most of them are saved, but they are a little confused about what to do next, and it looks like we don’t have the queen. I am getting some brood frames from a friend for them to get started with.

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