April 24 After the Snow

I took a walk today to assess the situation after a brutal spring storm.   Pleasantly surprised, I found no damage from the cold and snow.

3 thoughts on “April 24 After the Snow

  1. This is inspiring, and you must have been thrilled to find your young plants in such good nick! When is the last frost date (give or take) where you are?

  2. We have had snow as late as the first week of June, but that is very rare. Our average last frost is the end of May. I usually wait to set out my tender crops after May 31.

    I start lots of colder varieties in March if the ground can be worked. These include onions and garlic, carrots, leeks and potatoes. The carrots and garlic I have even started in the fall and they come up when the soil warms.

    In April if the ground can be worked i start spinach, lettuce, and lots of brassica members (cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, kale, pak choi to name a few) radishes, beets, swiss chard, and peas. The cold doesn’t usually hurt these guys too much. Sometimes it takes a little longer for them to germinate, but I have time to plant other things, water and weed the beds while it warms up.

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