The History of our Farm

I have had a request to write about the history of our farm, so I can at least start and add to it as we go along.

Our farm dates back to 1756. It has historical significance as an old tavern, stage coach drop, and encampment during the French and Indian war and the Whiskey Rebellion.

We have the original land grant signed by King George to the Bortz Family in 1756.

George Washington and Henry Bouquet met here to discuss the route of Forbes road which later led to the defeat of the French at Fort Duquesne.   As a British out post, and later an armory, our farm was also camp during the Whiskey Rebellion.   Some foundation block was located when we dug the water line to the greenhouse.   We are not sure if this was a chicken coop foundation or maybe the block house foundation of the British out post.

I can follow with some pictures of the structures of old that are still standing, explaining what the purposes of the structures are.

The farm was vacant for nearly thirty years before we moved in. We have lived and worked here for 11 years now and have made it comfortable, functional and somewhat efficient even. We have done much restoration, but many areas still need help.


2 thoughts on “The History of our Farm

  1. Thanks for sharing the history about your farm…I am hoping I will be able to come over and visit this summer

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