Hidden Treasure

Remy was hard at it yesterday prepping beds, and happened to run into a hidden stash of parsnips.   Have you ever pulled the tops, or just forgot they were planted there?   What a pleasant surprise to find parsnips in the ground in the spring.   I have also done this with garlic, carrots and potatoes, stumbling across them later for a surprise treat. Yesterday, we planted carrots, beets, radishes, turnips, and, of course, more parsnips.   Today Remy, Jared  and two of my very helpful sisters got some onions and leeks in the ground.    Thank you all for your hard work!

6 thoughts on “Hidden Treasure

  1. Have you tried the parsnips? Do they taste any different? We pulled some carrots last spring that we had forgotten about and they kind of suffered in the taste department.

    • We did try the Parsnips, they were fantastic. Many people leave parsnips in the ground until spring on purpose. We didn’t actually intend for this to happen, but they were absolutely delightful! Here is how I prepared them:
      I sliced them thin and roasted them 25 minutes @ 350 degrees
      I melted some butter with wild spring garlic, and horse radish
      I tossed the herb butter with the parsnips and roasted about another 20 minutes….yum

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