Helpful Farmers

We had a very busy weekend!   First we went to our friends freshtaraunt Horn O’Plenty to support their sneak preview and construction progress.   Kim and Joel from Wild Meadows Farm were there with a documentary, Y.E.R.T.   We had a lovely evening making pizzas and watching the movie.

I love times like this.   I felt a real sense of community and bonding.   It seems that most small farmers in our community really strike a sweet chord with one another, understanding that our own situations are not unique.   We are all trying so very hard to present the idea of a local food system that helps our neighbors, strengthens our local economy, benefits the environment.   We all work so very hard from seed to table setting.   While we have our own unique ways and methods, we strive for a lesser impact to the ecosystem around us.   We are creative, imaginative, idealistic, resourceful.   We have the same drive to live on less financial means for the greater good.   We love the challenges life presents to us.

I hope to see my friends’ success.   The Horns beat the pavement to market their farm products, and they deserve good things to come.    Kim and Joel reach out to the community, too.   They educate hundreds of people every year teaching better ways to get the same results, food, clothing and shelter.   Of course, status plays an important role in society.  But with the kind of guidance that a farmer can give, status may not take on the same meaning as our commercial counterparts portray.   Who has less trash on the curb at the end of the week?   Who can feed their family with the least amount of fossil fuel usage?   How would that be for keeping up with the Joneses?                                               

We are Making Potato Pizza for the Horn O'Plenty Preview and Y.E.R.T. show.

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