I am a Farmer

I am a farmer, a steward of many things. I love to watch plants, animals, and my boys grow into healthy, productive, mature beings.   I try my very best to improve the sustainability of my family each and every day.   I feel I have a purpose in life, though I don’t always know what it is.  I don’t need to always know what it is to enjoy the moment.
Sometimes the elements do my work for me and give me rest.   Sometimes the atmosphere around me claims my approach, and this I accept as lessons in life.   And sometimes I become the elements to make things happen as I stare down a long metal wand which delivers water to my thirsty wilderness.
I am only a vessel for guidance,  providing the tools our tiny entities need for survival.   I am motivated more by doing the right thing than the greater material reward, which sometimes, proves quite different from what I expect.   I am at peace with this and know in the end all is well.   I am fulfilled.

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