J.J. and Linkoln explore the outside

Meet our Newest Family Members!!!!

J.J. and Lincoln explore the outside. The Old Spotted Gloucestershire (pronounced glost-er-sheer) is a protected heritage breed of pig that originally was bred in Gloucestershire, England for orchard production.   The swine have some wonderful selected features that make this breed ideal for organic farms. Ability to survive in pasture situations eating fallen fruits, nuts and […]

My most valuable tools.

Farming with RA

I’m not just growing food, I’m growing the people that eat the food. I believe that when our community eats healthy, nutritious foods, we will be healthy, more productive and economically better off.   I truly believe that what I do has a penetrating impact on the well being of my community, and my country. […]

Harvest Dinner

  Sunday October 23rd 4pm-6pm Goodness Grows Back Yard Barbeque   We will be serving up the last of the goodness on Sunday for all of our loyal CSA members to partake. On the Menu: Beet Salad Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Hash Barbeque Chicken Pork Sloppy Joes Home made rolls If you have not […]

Summer Season Starts with Great Kale!


What to do with all that kale?

For starters, I can eat kale breakfast lunch and dinner.    In fact, if I were the only one that I was feeding, I would probably eat a lot more kale than what I do.

One of my favorite ways to eat kale is sautéed with onions and scrambled eggs.

kale sautéed with onions and scrambled eggs

That is what I made for dinner tonight, it was quick and easy.

I placed 2 T sesame oil in a skillet with an onion sliced into wedges.   I cooked the onions until they were clearish looking then I sliced the kale and added it to the onions.    I also chopped up some scarlet frills mustard and added it to the skillet too.   After the kale and mustard was wilted, I scrambled eggs and cooked them in the same skillet as the veggies.   Dinner was served and everyone had seconds!

You can make kale chips and kale smoothies too.

Yesterday, I was on Central PA live with a beet recipe that you all can try next week when our beets are ready.   The salad really is divine!

Here is the link to the show:


CSA Season Begins!!!

Hello all!   Our first CSA pick-ups are just around the corner and have we a delightful line up of delicious organic goodness in store for you! First, I would like to start off welcoming our new addition to the CSA family…our U Pick CSA members.   Many of our U Pick CSA members are […]

Wholesome Living Marketplace and Altoona

Kale and Broccoli
Kale and Broccoli

Winding up with such velocity I can barely stand it!
This week, our friend Jess at Wholesome living marketplace is allowing us to take over the store with some of our certified organic goodness for you to choose from! Catch me at the Station Medical Center from 10am-1:30 pm on Friday. Then I’ll swing down to Bedford at Wholesome living marketplace from 3:30-5:00. Saturday morning I’ll be in Frostburg at Mountain City Traditional Arts from 10 am-1pm.

I will be baking my head off, as I have already received orders from several of you who just can’t wait to get some freshly milled, fresh baked breads grown right here on the farm. I also spotted some collard greens out in the field that need to be saved from the plow. I am bringing some micro greens and baby salad blends this week to Altoona, Bedford, and Frostburg.

I want to say that we really can use the financial support through purchases right now, as we are about to embark on a very major, much needed (and expensive) barn repair. We finished the greenhouse project and the new cover and new sides have made our plants, happy, cozy, warm and very productive. I will be bringing some certified organic starts in the weeks to come. So if you plan on having a garden, check with your locally certified organic growers first, before you hit the chemical soaked everyday big box department store plants for food. Busy weeks ahead for Goodness Grows!

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